application designing (Android- ios)

Nowadays due attention to promotion of technology and increasing the usage of mobile phones Specially smart ones , in business , companies have to assimilate different situations . Application designing can make your management easier and improve it in an impressive way. in this way more people can get familiar with your products and services . Your IOS and Android application will be designed in the best way and costumers can use your online services.

SEO and optimization:

Next step after designing is developing your grade with SEO that people can find you easily. You should make sure that your site have been designed by a company that not only understand designing of a site but also understand business well also one of the interesting facts about online business is that on the internet even new sites can develop with SEO technics easily. Website viewers usually judge companies by their websites so a company with better ,stronger and more active websites will be greater and more valid

The reasons for the 3sotweb team excellence

  • A long and professional history in designing a variety of sites

  • Free expert advice

  • Low cost site design

  • Provide a mobile version of the site

  • High speed website design

  • Designing a Responsive Web Site

  • Perform optimization and professional SEO site

  • Providing site security

  • Free training on site content management

  • Technical support of the site for free

  • Fast delivery of the website

Website designing :

What is website designing?

Website designing is the skill and strategy in producing and supporting websites.

Website designing includes some parts like interface designing , graphic design of the site and website designer contains standard code and suitable soft wares and optimization of web search engine

Why do we need website designing ?

If we want to advertise or sale a product , website designing is the best choice .

Television and newspaper are one of the choices but they can be defective for instance TV advertisements are expensive and newspaper advertisements are for specific kind of people.

One of the ways is brochure but it requires lots of texts . websites can be advanced and high class brochure too with so many advantages and for being economical they are used more than ever.

Cost and tariff:

Nowadays smartphones play really important rules in our life

Designing of different applications for mobile phones is done every day so business owners for submitting services and advertising products tend to use different applications

Both tariff and time of the project can be defined by the quality and efficiency and activity of the project

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